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Sarah S., First Time Homebuyer

I got a pretty good rate and actually one of the best in the biz, so you need to check this out. You should definitely feel confident that your deal will close, and then you can brag to all of your friends about what a good deal you got.

Laurie Williamson, Realtor

A pre-approval from RateGravity is actually a real positive because they source from local lenders, and when we’re presenting an offer, especially when it’s in a bidding situation, it’s really important that that package has a local lender attached to it. 

Sarah D., Homebuyer

I signed up, and I made an offer on a house — my first offer — was accepted, and I really think it’s because of RateGravity.

Karen Zoeller, Realtor

No hitches. No glitches. We had a great closing.

Sean Callahan, Realtor

I’ve worked with just about every lender out there, and I’ve found someone [RateGravity] I really like, and I encourage others to find out more about it.

Eileen Kim, Realtor

I will continue referring all of my clients over to RateGravity.

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