What is RateGravity?

As a company that’s introduced a novel way for consumers to finance their home, we are often asked the question, “What is RateGravity?” Before answering this question, let’s start by addressing the most common misconceptions about RateGravity:

RateGravity is a lender

We are not a lender. RateGravity does not lend money. Instead, we partner with banks, credit unions and mortgage companies that will finance your property.

RateGravity is a rate comparison site

While we do allow you to compare rates from multiple lenders, this is not our primary objective. Sites that do this, such as Lending Tree, serve as lead generation sites for lenders. They post artificially low rates masked in fine print to get a consumer’s attention and direct them to the lender that pays them the highest fee. We do not work for lenders, we work for consumers and have aligned our incentives completely with consumers.

RateGravity is a marketplace

We are not a marketplace for consumers to see hundreds of lenders, like Kayak does for travelers. A marketplace is a forum to connect supply with demand. We do not serve as a forum, instead we are a personalized service for consumers. While we present multiple offers to our customers, we limit our partners, to highly regarded, local lenders that have agreed to return the savings that come from working with RateGravity back to consumers in the form of lower interest rates.

RateGravity is a fintech company

In the literal sense this is true. We are a financial services company that uses technology, so that makes us a “fintech”. However, we do not use this moniker to pose as something we’re not. Consumers don’t care about fancy tech terms unless it can help them get the best deal and close their loan. We build technology that focuses on the customer, not to get press in a tech publication.

What is RateGravity?

Now that we’ve addressed the most common misconceptions, let’s return to the question, “What is RateGravity?” The answer: We are an on-demand mortgage service that saves consumers tens of thousands of dollars when financing their home.

RateGravity was formed with a vision of making my personal home financing experience available to everyone. As a mortgage banker, I had unique access to industry tools and resources that gave me an unfair advantage compared to everyone else. This allowed me to secure a far better deal than the average person, which didn’t feel right, so I co-founded RateGravity to level the playing field for all consumers, not just the select few.

Our company’s mission is to get every customer the best deal available when financing their home and we welcome you to start here.